Galley owner and interior designer Jessica Berguig has projects scattered across a varied range of fields. She presents a collection of rare objets d’art and furniture in her JAG gallery, designed like a cosy apartment in Paris’s 7th arrondissement. As a curator, she tracks down valuable objects to beautify the interiors and décor of private clients and corporate brands.

The Gallery Owner

It appears as though Jessica Berguig, an inveterate collector for the past 10 years, chose to set up her gallery to satisfy her passion. She has a flair for simplicity, and her interiors are, like her, full of soul. Her signature approach is to mix periods and styles, and she uses textural effects as her basic canvas to which she adds one or more rare pieces calculated to stir an emotional response. Between poetic austerity and cosy minimalism, she imbues the raw, solid, mineral style she is so fond of with curves and softness.

The Interior Designer

His radical selection, his unformatted and free eye attract the attention of clients who entrust him with the artistic direction of their interior decoration. Parisian apartments, second homes in the countryside or by the sea, she adapts her curation to the locations and requests. Perfect lines, natural materials, and neutral black, ocher and earth-colored shades exude a warm and serene spirit.